Discover the Guinots’ extensive range of products designed to care for and improve different skin types. Based on the latest research and medical breakthroughs, these sources are formulated with pure active ingredients and plant extracts that help keep skin healthy and reduces the appearance of ageing lines and wrinkles.

Age Summum – Guinots New Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial

age summum

Discover the ultimate anti-ageing, manual treatment from Guinot. Designed to target the signs of                           ageing, this treatment will regenerate, firm and restore radiance. This is the ideal treatment for anyone concerned with signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and lack of radiance.



The 4-phase treatment includes:

  • Dermabrasion Exfoliating Cream: Resurfaces the skin by eliminating dead skin cells
  • Regenerating Anti-Ageing Serum with pure Vitamin C: Stimulates cellular regeneration
  • Anti-Ageing Facial Massage: Firms the skin
  • Active Pro-Collagen Face Mask: Restores radiance


50 mins £ 72.00
Course of 3 £200.00

HydradermieHydradermie2 Facial

An exclusive Guinot treatment giving you immediate results for youthful and radiant skin. Using Guinots’ Hydraderm machine, it gently massages the face using galvanic and high frequency currents to enable a deep penetration of ionised treatment ingredients into the skin. This unique method gives you an indulging cleanse and exfoliation to leave you looking refined and revitalised. Our expert beauty therapists can customise your treatment to meet oily, dry, sensitive or ageing skin. With this treatment once a month, your face will be radiant all year long.

1 Hour £ 58.00


  • Every month
  • Weekly for Oily, Pigmented or severely Dehydrated skin

guinot-Hydradermie2-Age-LogHydradermie2 Anti-Ageing

A specially designed Guinot anti-ageing facial concentrating on the eyes, face and neck areas, using the Guinot Hydraderm machine. As well as a deep facial cleanse, exfoliation and massage, the unique face mask helps with cell regeneration, stimulates collagen production and brightens the complexion. This facial will leave you with visibly rejuvenated skin, regained firmness and radiance.

1 Hour 15 mins £ 76.00


  • Every month

Hydradermie2 Soleil

A Hydradermie2 treatment designed to prepare or treat skin for sun exposure. The active ingredients will promote an even complexion and a healthy glow of new radiance… perfect for a pre-holiday pamper!

1 Hour £ 58.00
Course of 4 £200.00


  • 3 per week pre-holiday
  • 1 per week post-holiday

Hydra-LiftHydradermie2 Lift

This lifting Guinot facial brings revolutionary youthfulness and renewed tone to your face by stimulating the facial muscles and providing a massage that lifts the facial features. As muscles are toned, they take on new vitality giving you smoother, younger skin with fewer surface wrinkles to create a natural facelift… without injections! As well as treating and toning the skin, this luxurious facial will show you results after just one session.

50 mins £ 55.00
Course of 6 £302.50


  • One per week with course
  • Maintenance – Monthly

Hydradermie2 Lift Express

This express Guinot facial creates a lifting effect to the neck and face in just 30 minutes and so is ideal for clients who want a quick beneficial treatment. Galvanic, high frequency massage helps to tone and smooth facial wrinkles and lifts the face. The lift express includes cleansing, exfoliation and muscle stimulation to help create a younger looking face.

30 mins £ 45.00
Course of 6 £270.00
Complimentary Skincare worth £42.00 – with course


  • One per week with course
  • Maintenance – Monthly

Hydra-Lift-YeuxHydradermie2 Lift Yeux

To add new youth to your eye contour, we have a gentle, effective solution: Hydradermie2 Lift Yeux. The muscles around the eye (the orbicular muscles) will be ‘exercised’ to tone the delicate eye area and add new firmness. From the end of your very first session, small wrinkles are erased, crow’s feet are smoothed out and eyes are made to look younger.

30 mins £ 56.00
Course of 6 £336.00
Complimentary Skincare worth £44.00 – with course


  • One per week with course
  • Maintenance – Monthly

Hydradermie2 Lift Deluxe

Hydradermie² Age Logic and Hydradermie² Lift Express treatments combined together for a luxurious lifting and anti-ageing facial. Ideal for mature skin, this jumbo facial can combat the signs of ageing, revitalise the skin and reduce wrinkle depth. You will experience a natural facelift effect as muscles are stimulated and tightened after having this ultimate anti-ageing facial.

1 Hour 15 mins £ 98.00

Super Hydradermie2 Lift

Hydradermie2 and Hydradermie2 Lift Express are cleverly combined to create this super lifting facial.

1 Hour 15 mins £ 80.00


Deep cleansing treatment. A 30 minute treatment combines deep cleansing and relaxing massage or masque, leaving the skin clear and radiant. The hydracleean treatment is designed to cleanse the face paying particular attention to the T-zone, with immediate results it benefits from being the only treatment method of its kind in the world. After preparing the skin the Thermoclean heating electrode deffuses gentle head that rids the skin of toxins and sebum, the treatment is concluded with a massage or masque then application of care products.

30 mins £ 35.00
Course of 6 £185.00


  • Monthly for Normal skin
  • 2 per month for Oily skin

guinot-beaute-neuveBeaute Neuve

This instant radiance reviver “peeling” treatment removes dull skin cells, cellular renewal is accelerated, revealing a more youthful and radiant complexion. Using the powerful natural exfoliating properties of AHAs combined with pure vitamin C for a gentle double peeling facial. One treatment will restore a brighter complexion, while a course will reduce pigmentation and include a Hydradermie2 facial for maintenance.

1 Hour £ 58.00
Course of 4 £232.00
Complimentary Skincare worth £64.00 – with course



Energising, hands-on anti-ageing facial. The Liftosome treatment recreates the youthfulness and firmness of your face by diminishing signs of ageing. It redefines the skin and tightens the features. Specifically developed to treat the problems associated with mature skins including lack of skin tone and loss of radiance.

1 Hour £ 58.00
Course of 3 £150.00



Relax and unwind with a tension-reducing facial massage and a customised combination of plant extracts and essential oils to suit your skin’s needs. This treatment method brings natural beauty to your skin and recovers its natural radiance using an Aromatic mask and different massaging techniques.

1 Hour £ 56.00

Teen Facial

Designed for congested and blocked skin. This teen pamper facial includes a double cleansing, exfoliation followed by steam and clearing of blocked pores, using high frequency, finishing with a purifying mask. It is perfect to encourage clearer and healthier looking skin.

35 mins £ 42.00

Essentiel Facial

A relaxing facial with all the essentials, cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage & mask using essential oils. Ideal for someone with little time to pamper!

35 mins £ 45.00